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Planning to Buy A Marine Stereo? Here is The Complete Guide!

From being exposed to the external elements to competing against the wind, a marine radio system has to suffer a lot of abuse. Well, if you are looking for a great sound system, you need to pick the designed and tested approach to stand up to the outside  climate. To help you out, we have made a complete guide that will help you choose the best marine stereo.

Things To Keep in mind while picking the best waterproof stereo!

As we all know, marine boats undergo thousands of climatic changes. You need to get an idea to buy a true marine stereo-like Rockford Fosgate that will last in every environment.

Water Resistance

Well, If you find the water-resistant stereo, it will last for a extended period. It can easily handle light rain but also make sure if it can handle submersion or not? The environment can damage a low grade stereo in a single season, so buying quality that lasts is the way to go, saving money for the cheap quality stereo can be a mistake.  Some products are specially designed, like Rockford products for marine use. They can survive easily and can be fully submerged without any damage.

Anti Corrosion Protection

However, an open boat has to deal with the corrosive  environment. Like , salt water can quickly destroy the stereo. For this, you need to buy the one designed to resist rust and corrosion with plated connections. Speaker cones should not be paper. Check out the ones that are made of polypropylene and that are also sealed at the back, take not of the twitter cone wires as these should not connect through the main cone. If you are purchasing marine radios, make sure it has a coated circuit boards with rust-resistant chassis components. Rockford Fosgate units chassi is stainless steel

UV Resistance

Before buying a stereo, make sure its plastic cases are UV resistant. Speaker cones should not be paper. Check out the ones that are made of polypropylene. As you are on a marine voyage, one of the most important things to think about is the altitude or the temperatures your yacht is currently facing. Pick the one that can handle high temperature and direct sunlight. Stereo like  Rockford will benefit you as you will ensure high control without any difficulty in working.

Remote control

The essential thing is a hardwired remote at an alternate location.  You can easily connect remote radios with the boat’s devices. Moreover, these run via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Pick the ones that are also waterproof because you will be able to use products designed for marine use.

Stereo That Can Play In the Format You Want

Are you going to download the audio files? Or you want to play them online? The answer will depend on the stereo. Right? But for this, you must pick the one ha heads like the Rockford Fosgate PMX Model radios especially designed for radios that beat according to your requirements.

 Install A Sub Woofer

If you want to get the most out of the music, the best thing is to install a subwoofer. Woofer will help to produce low-frequency sounds with the bass range. It will act as welcome boos, which can make a difference in every track.

Final Verdict

Boating is a fun activity and can be more exciting by adding killer tunes with marine stereo. You need to find a quality stereo system that can stand against the punishment that comes in the boating. I Hope the things mentioned above will help you to pick the best marine stereo. You should buy the best for your yacht to ensure that the products last you for a long time and your voyages are as smooth as they can be


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