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Monthly Archives: June 2021

Battery Monitor and SOC (State of Charge)

This Video  Explains in detail how State of charge is calculated in a Victron BMV or smartshunt and or a Multiplus or Quattro Inverter charger, The Video will show you how to setup the Battery Monitor to suit your batteries condition and type of battery.  Note – this link (to the right) will take you […]

Passionate about fishing? Looking for a Fishfinder?

Passionate about fishing? Looking for a Fishfinder? Have you planned to go fishing with your friends on your boat? Are you in need of a fish finder or sonar integrated into your ship? Look no further; we at Octopus Electrical Service  provide various boat and ship accessories like Fishfinders. According to your needs, we have […]

Digital instrument Monitoring

Digital Instrument and engine monitoring system for your sailboats Who wouldn’t love to sail through the blue sea to explore the world and have some fun? Or if you belong to one of those who is into regatta racing, I bet you own a yacht and have pure pleasure for sailing. For some, sailing is […]

How to Size My Inverter to my Batteries

What size of inverter do I need and how many Batteries to suit or vice versa What size of Inverter do I need + What  size Battery do I need An inverter needs to supply two needs – Peak or surge power, and the typical or usual power. Surge is the maximum power that the […]

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