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Feed your home with Victron Inverter chargers

       Unstable weather is here, which means there’s a high probability of power outages due to grid going down due to the construction work accidents taking place in your area, or you live in an area where the power outages happen a lot. Either way, you have to survive through the hours of a power outage; why choose to suffer when you can install an inverter and battery system to get you through the entire outage?

      Inverters can be of solar-type or battery storage, depending on the size of the building or house it’s been used in. Usually, when the grid goes down in houses, the solution is to used DC connected inverters and a battery bank; having an DC connected inverter could give you an uninterrupted power supply for 8-12 hours or more, but in the long run, you have to refill the battery, so install a inverter charger you can also add solar to help charge the batteries as well, so you are giving enough energy to the battery engine to run more and for longer.

       If you are a family with little kids or children, frequent power outages can cause you and your kids to not have a good night’s sleep or to perform your everyday routines that involve all those electrical, Air conditioners and other electronic appliances, which are important and invaluable  to get you through your day. These days having roof top solar gives you free power to use whenever you want, Thus having an inverter is a must. But then you can’t decide which inverter to buy? Or confused as to which one to choose to buy ? We suggest you buy Victron Quattro inverter chargers which is the best inverter charger for your house and off grid or on grid to be used as backup power. Still not convinced? Please keep reading to know the advantages and benefits of their chargers.

Brief description of the working of inverters

       So how does an inverter work? The principle behind an inverter is pretty simple. Whenever there’s a power supply, the inverter/battery uses the AC power or some roof solar panels to keep its systems battery charged and full.

      When the grid goes down, the inverter, which has then stored some battery power, then acts as a generator to give an uninterrupted power supply to your house. The Victron Quattro inverter has two AC inputs; one is for the incoming AC power from the grid the other connection can be connected to a standby generator thus when one has AC power the inverter charger acts as a battery charger and then charges your battery or you may also have a roof top solar system that charges the battery all day long and then you can use this power from the sun to run your house/boat or holiday house without a grid.

Choosing the best Inverter/chargers

         Choosing an inverter/charger is crucial and essential that you get a quality unit that can be serviced and maintained for years to come and not to settle down with something less. What should you look for in an inverter charger?

        An inverter charger should have incredible features, built with a lightweight and robust design. An ideal intelligent battery charger includes rapid and fast charging, switchable and longer charging options, and float charging with at least five years on manufacturing warranty.

Why choose Victron Quattro inverter chargers?

          Victron Quattro inverter charger provides the best quality Inverter/chargers in Thailand. They have three different Voltage specific battery chargers. They are :

All the Inverter/chargers mentioned above have the following phases of charging.

  1. A rapid or fast charging keeps the battery full in very little time but with a robust design without any complications or failures.
  2. A standard charging technique to bring the battery charge up to full, with a low and steady process, increases the longevity of the battery life.
  3. This keeps the battery in functioning condition even at times of no usage for a prolonged dormant time, known by the term Load inactivity.
  4. They have fast change over in case of mains failure
  5. Finally, the inverter chargers automatically acclimate to the changing condition to get through any power outage.

Final verdict

         After a thorough review of the features and the functionality of the inverter chargers provided by Victron Quattro range, we have come to a final decision on why choosing the Victron Quattro inverter chargers is a great advantage for your inverter.

        Victron Quattro inverter chargers can withstand extreme environments, shortage or unreliable power supplies, avoids the hassle of noisy generators, and the colossal size being occupied by them. These chargers are a portable, robust, lightweight design that can be helpful in all on grid or off grid and use gives stable power all the time. Also, they come in many different specifications, and you can buy the one which is most flexible and cost-effective for you! So buy your Victron inverter-chargers soon!   

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