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If you are looking for batteries that will last you a long time and serve various other purposes, you should choose batteries made of lithium phosphates (LiFeP04). They are not only known for being long lasting and able to provide high output power.

If you are confused about choosing the best battery for yourself, do not go any further. We have mentioned some benefits of using a lithium iron phosphate battery below. Have a look and make an informed decision for its best use.


The cost of these batteries in recent times has dropped to the prices of Quality deep cycle lead acid . However, with the amazing features and advantages these LiFeP04 batteries  provide, the cost is worth it. It also has zero maintenance which makes it an ideal purchase. You do not have to worry about different services and maintenance costs. Your investment will be one-time and will last you for a period of time like 20 to 30 years.Now is the time to change over to LiFeP04,  other batteries also require regular maintenance which can cost a lot as well. So, choosing these batteries is the best.


A lithium phosphate battery is extremely light when it is measured against a Deep cycle battery of the same output they are around 1/4 the weight and size. Not only do they weigh less, but they also are smaller in size. This is one of the major advantages as you can easily store them and fit the batteries into small spaces. They also provide great energy density. This is a unique benefit as not every battery can provide such levels of energy, especially being small and lightweight.


These batteries are made of the latest technology. These batteries do not produce harmful substances and gases.  It is safe for both the environment and the people using them. Only the highest quality cells are used while manufacturing these batteries. The lithium Phosphate battery also is fire resistant, This ensures they are  complete safe and that high  reliability is achieved with them. Being safe and secure against any disaster is one of the most important benefits you should consider while buying a battery.


As mentioned earlier, lithium phosphate battery has zero maintenance.  It also does not show any memory effects issues. You can easily store them for long periods of time as there is very low self-discharge. You will also not have to worry about extra maintenance costs that other batteries require  So, a lithium battery is the best choice.


Not only are these batteries extremely efficient, but they can also operate at higher temperatures without damage,  ie lead acid is 25 deg  where most LiFeP04 are upto 50 deg. Many batteries lose their efficiency and there life is greatly reduced  and have a higher discharge rate if they cannot control the temperature optimally. So, having this advantage is extremely helpful when they are mounted in engine rooms etc. This can also help you use them in places that experience regular extreme conditions but require high discharge rates and efficiency.


A lithium phosphate battery provides extreme efficiency. Not only does it ensure an optimum discharge rate, the LiFeP04 battery is 20 to 30% more efficient on the round cycle,  ie in a LA Battery  if you take 100amps out for 1 hr then you have to put back 125 amps for 1 hr, However with LiFeP04 you take 100 amps out you only have to put back 105 amps,  as well charging is much quicker as you can put the full 100 amps back in with little loss and thus charge in 1 hr,  most lead acid units would take 4 to 8 hrs to refill.

This is great as it lowers the recharge time dramatically and with amazing efficiency. The LiFeP04 batteries have a depth of charge from 100% down to 10% and you can do this day in day out.  Most lead acid batteries you can only use 50% max or you damage them,  so basically this means you only need 1/2 the usable capacity compared to the lead acid batteries .

Cycle life

Lithium Phosphate LiFeP04 batteries last  around 2000 plus cycles depending on the brand.  However at the end of the 2000 cycles you still have 80% of the original capacity left  then after 5000 cycles you have 70% left, 10000  cycles around 50% left

Were lead acid batteries are 100% finished at around 500 cycles.

so the LiFeP04 can end up lasting 30 odd years or more.

These are just some of the many advantages provided by a lithium iron phosphate battery. Making an informed decision is important as this battery will last you a long time. Without worrying about replacement  costs,  overall you should definitely select this type of battery. It will not only last you a long time but will also provide you with various benefits. So, do not wait any longer and buy yourself one right now!

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