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A decade ago, if you’d asked anyone anything related to electrical appliances and how to fix them if it goes faulty, their best shot would have been hiring an electrical technician because they didn’t know much about how these works and did not risk themselves trying to fix it.

We constantly rely on electrical services companies for our boats and yachts to upgrade our devices to make them more cost-effective and to keep up with the evolving new technologies for a smart and safe functioning of the boat!
Why and when do we need electrical services?
Let’s say you’re buying a new boat, and it is mandatory that you have to get safe wiring according to the ever-changing, advanced technology, Fishfinders, in-hull transducers, Raymarine Multifunction display devices(MFD), visual devices,Victron Energy Inverter chargers and many more need an extra careful power supply for your growing needs.

You can’t mess around with these electrical devices sucking up so much power leading to a short circuit or power overload in the main circuit. So you need an expert electrical service help to meet your increasing demands.

Are you making a few changes to your boat? Fixing inverters for backup power in case of any emergencies? No fixer-upper and renovation are complete without Advice and the need for advanced electrical equipment or devices at the end.
I mean, it doesn’t make any sense just to renovate it for the aesthetic sense. This is precisely where Octopus Electrical services come’s in handy in providing you an array of the best possible technology and equipment to keep you stay abreast and ahead of your game to prepare your boat for the next regatta racing or fishing trip.

Different kinds of electrical challenges

Typically you would face different electrical challenges in your boat or yacht that are contributed by a bunch of factors. Loose connections and wrong wiring will lead to constant flickering and overload of the device; in some cases, we never know there’s an overload as the device continues to work just fine. To avoid any failure, explosion, or flickering, it’s better to buy inverters, battery chargers, and stabilizers to regulate any fluctuations in voltage. You can always get your wirings checked later, but to avoid any mishap in the first place, it’s always the best practice to have a backup for your backup plan.

Types of services and supplies

Octopus Electrical Services as an Electrical service provider, strives to deliver the best of the best advice and technologies and services to our customers. We leave no stone unturned in providing inverters, battery chargers, Lithium phosphate batteries, Shore cables, supply tools, Battery monitors, converters, DC chargers, Regulators, Second-hand equipment, and many more. We don’t limit our equipment to just these. Still, we also provide anything and everything you need for your boat, including Raymarine MFD devices, Fishfinders, Transducers, Chartplotters, Radar, Navionics maps, and many other electrical equipment and new technology devices.

How do we stay ahead in the electrical services world?

To stay ahead in our industry is a big deal because we are always bombarded and pulled down by our competitors. Yet we manage to stay ahead in providing the best electrical services to our customers. We also provide in-house warranty repairs for Victron Energy and Raymarine, replaceable worn-out parts available online, like battery chargers or any other separate tools that need a replacement.

Octopus Electrical services provide cost-effective, meeting increasing energy demands, new technology equipment with high efficiency and power, plenty of other services and supplies, all by adhering to the best practices of the electrical industry. You tell us your needs, and we have got the perfect solution for you.

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