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In this day and age, it’s becoming ever more difficult to “disconnect” from it all… We need access to the our news… emails… work… maybe even the occasional Facebook. And if we don’t have this access? We can feel stressed or anxious.

When boating, a time when we are meant to be worry free… as much as we probably need it, we may not want to fully disconnect.

And if cruising with the family, your internet demands will undoubtedly be even higher…

A combination of Netflix, YouTube, or HBOGO now may be added to your list of internet requirements. But no worries. Whatever your price range and internet requirements are, there are ways to stay connected while out at sea. We will provide with you with some internet solutions to stay connected while out cruising, as well as some recommended devices to support each option

Your three main options for onboard internet, at least for full internet access as is needed to stream shows and movies, are:

Connecting with marina WiFi

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