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Passionate about fishing? Looking for a Fishfinder?


Have you planned to go fishing with your friends on your boat? Are you in need of a fish finder or sonar integrated into your ship? Look no further; we at Octopus Electrical Service  provide various boat and ship accessories like Fishfinders. According to your needs, we have a multi-functional, all-in-one touch display, Sonar, Fishfinder with a transducer with a real-time intuitive navigation experience, and much more.

What is a Fishfinder & How does it work?


In the deep ocean, there are few specific spots where a school of fishes crowds together because it’s the most nutrient-rich point in the ocean. These are called the Hotspots, where different species of fishes can be found converging in this spot.


A fish finder basically works on the principle of Ultrasonic reflection and SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging) system.


An Ultrasonic or sonar wave is transmitted into the sea, and a part of the signal is echoed back or reflected back to the device. So when a part of the signal gets reflected back, the device can give the exact location of the seabed, obstacles, water depth, distribution of fish school, and any underwater information can be obtained with the help of a fish finder.


This device is helpful in not only finding the hotspot locations of marine life and gives information about any obstacles like huge rock or underwater debris. The device can also calculate the density of the obstacle.

Display, working, and installation of a Fishfinder device


A fish finder has a display screen that displays the density of the fish school or coral reefs present underwater. If the density is high, then it displays a reddish color with a fish symbol on top, so you don’t get confused with what object it is; if the density is low, then you get a blue color on the screen with the exact location of fish school underwater.


Over decades, the Fishfinder has gone through constant upgrades that now even come with GPS, radar, and navigation systems.

Typically, the device consists of two parts.


  • Display screen An LCD screen that should be placed in the wheelhouse for easy access.


  • A transducer This device is mounted on the boat’s bottom to transmit and receive the signal.


            The installation of a transducer is a bit tacky because you either have to do it in the hull or through the hull. The positioning of this transducer plays a vital role in determining the location of any objects or fish. Since the entire performance of a fish finder relies on the transducer, it’s advised to call up a technical dealer who could help you with the transducer installation. Once it’s done, then you can get all the signals on your little LCD screen.

What makes our Fishfinder devices unique?


At Octopusasia, we always want to reinvigorate new technology and features to provide the best experience for boaters and those who love to fish. The reason why we have multiple transducer devices and display screens which can determine different depths with various features to fit our customer needs.


We provide an in-hull depth smart transducer, through-hull transducer, DCSM display device, CP200 SideVision Fishfinder, and CP100 DownVision Fishfinder.

and now the new  3D displays Depending on the depth you are looking for or the type of mountable transducer you are looking for, whatever it is, you name it, we have it.


We have upgraded our Fishfinder models over the years to provide more reliable and top-notch integration for our customers to interpret the signal avoiding any kind of confounding scenarios easily. We do not compromise on the quality of our devices; we have been the trademark retailer of all boat accessories, Raymarine accessories, electrical and electronic devices for years.


Our fish finder models are easy to install, user-friendly, and simple to navigate. The performance of our units has always been the best, and we always aim to provide a great experience for our users. We never failed to satisfy our customers, not once and never have! So what were you looking for? Fishfinders? Order one from our website, and you’ll be amazed by its performance.


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