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Do’s and Do not’s of Setting Up a High-Speed Network Cable


High-network speeds are the requirement of this age and time. High-speed networks make the completion of tasks happen extremely quick. However, there are various things one has to think of before finally setting up a high-speed or ethernet network. The main thing is to consider the cables and the layout settings of the parts needed for the network.  Raymarine products are famous for their Quality and  durability and efficiency. But, there are many do’s and don’ts of setting up a high-speed network as well. Mentioned below are some of them.


Do’s of Setting Up a High-Speed Network Cable


  • The most important thing to consider is cable management. You should set a definite pattern to your cable. You should look for a bright color cable for your high-speed network connectivity to make it stand out.
  • You should label your cables. It is a good way to differentiate between different cables without getting confused.
  • You should make sure that you are using high-quality wires for your connectivity. Raymarine products also include high-quality cables. You can look for them online.
  • Look for cables and a switch- that can control the high flow of data at once without getting overloaded.
  • You should also make sure that you are using the products that are properly insulated.

Don’ts of Setting Up a High-Speed Network Cable


  • Do not use a matching cable color for your ethernet cables.
  • Do not use low-quality wires as they will get corroded  and can have bad connections at the terminals – we recomend at least Cat 6 Cable.
  • You should not bend the cables of the network beyond 90°. This will cause them to fracture and or break.
  • Do not set up switchs that cannot control high-speed data as they will overload and can cause data errors and failures.  (use gigabit or higher if at all posiable)
  • Do not use wires that can be harmful to you and the environment for your high-speed network.

One has to be extremely careful while setting up a high-speed network, especially with the cables. You can completely trust Raymarine cable products. There dealers can  also provide services like maintenance and repairs while setting up the high-speed network for you. Doing it wrong can  cause you extreme inconvenience. You should keep in mind these do’s and don’ts while setting up your ethernet network.

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