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Digital Instrument and engine monitoring system for your sailboats

Who wouldn’t love to sail through the blue sea to explore the world and have some fun? Or if you belong to one of those who is into regatta racing, I bet you own a yacht and have pure pleasure for sailing. For some, sailing is fun with family and friends; for others, sailing is an inexplicably exquisite sport. Then there is another kind, who would love to fish in the ocean’s hotspots. Yet there’s another kind, the sailing aficionados who reckon sailing as a lifestyle.


While sailing could be really fantastic, but there are also a few contingencies if you’re sailing a boat or a yacht. What is the most important thing to keep track of when you’re sailing? Forget about the upwind or how to steer your boat through any wave. There’s an essential rudimentary task that has to be checked before you start sailing. Well, you guessed it right! It’s the engine and the tank level. This is where Octopus-Asia comes in handy with their wide range of Digital Engine monitoring system requirements for your sailboats and modern vessels.

Why is a Digital engine monitoring system important?

The efficiency of any boat or vessel is directly proportional to its performance. Eventually, to get the stellar quality out of any engine is to monitor its performance constantly. By constantly checking your engine performance, you can check a few parameters like fuel level, black water level, voltage, and Ampere levels Engine RPM for 1 or 2 motors there are many options to chose from


What are the features that come with choosing a digital engine monitoring system for your boat or yacht? They are as follows :

Tank level monitoring

Monitoring your fuel tank and the freshwater, black water tanks, or any other fluid level in the tank is essential for a sailboat. With the help of a digital engine monitoring system, you can easily determine any flaws because it will trigger an alarm if there’s anything that needs attention.

Easy installation and waterproof digital display

The device can be installed easily either mounted or can be installed in your cabin or wheelhouse. The installation is easy and can be done within a few hours, and it doesn’t need any drilling holes or other complicated procedures.


The devices comes with stand alone screens or integration with your MFD a dimmable screen, which can be viewed during the night time with ease. It is also waterproof.

Lightweight and portable

A Digital monitoring system is a lightweight device, and it doesn’t meddle with the gravity of your boat or lower it. Thus the performance is unhinged.


You can install it anywhere in your boat; you can install it in your cabin or at the wheelhouse, anywhere you want. You’ll receive the information through the device no matter where it is installed.

Features & configuration

 The device comes with user-configurable inputs with programmable high/low audio/visual alarms for volts, amps, and tank levels.


You can get the circuit status, battery life, voltage, and power levels in A/hour. The performance of the device is par-excellence, and it gives accurate information of all the data that it’s being allocated to monitor. You need not worry about anything.


Why choose Octopus-Electrical-Service?


Octopus Electrical Service  provides everything necessary for your sailboat or yacht, from sensors, alarms to a wide range of digital monitoring systems. We design and engineer our products with high tolerance and can withstand extreme conditions on the ocean or land. We strive to provide high-performing electronic devices to our customers to help them have a seamless experience in sailing and how to maintain their vessels.

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