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 Local Charter Boat  “Pulse”

is now running Silent with a 

85% reduction in Generator Run Times.

Fuel burn reduced by 75%
Published News Article by the Phuket News

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Follow the Boat (Esper)

Lithium Phosphate Batteries Instalation.

GUMNUTS - Martin Woolnough (May 2020)

I went into Octopus for a spare part and left (thanks to Paul) deciding to invest in a full system upgrade to Lithium and Victron. Two days after it was finished my boat was struck by lightning in Chalong Bay and I was lucky to have Mick at Octopus to help me with an entire electronic assessment and refit. He has been outstanding with his follow up and help. Quotes, chasing down suppliers and liaising with the Marine Surveyor handling the Insurance claim.
I’ve gotten to know all the team pretty well. Needless to say they are all nice people (with their great Thai attitude) but I also appreciated their competency and knowledge. They know their stuff and have been well trained. I was also surprised at their creativity in solving problems and delivering solutions that improved the boat (such as Perspex backing plates for new holes etc).
Of course, not everything is perfect all of the time, like any big project it helps if you actively project manage, but they were very receptive to inputs and 100% trustworthy working on their own (often).
Lastly, Paul is there as backup to advise and assist with handover. As seasoned sailors, both Paul and Mick understand the issues.

ESPER - (Follow the Boat) Jamie and Liz (July 2019)

Re Lithium Phosphate Batteries

Questioned asked,  Hi Jamie  how have the New Batteries be preforming for you.


  • Actually we’ve done very little motoring, I’m happy to say!
  • It was only yesterday when we had to motor for three hours that I had this 14.4v going in, so in the scheme of things they rarely get 14.4.
  • All that aside the lithium Phosphate Batteries have been bloody amazing.
  • It’s a total game changer.
  • I can leave mains fans on all night, have my disk station on all night, run my powerful PC during the day, make more water than we know what to do with, make bread, toast bread, Cooking on the induction is brilliant.

Seriously, it’s ridiculous how different our comfort levels are now


Jamie and Liz

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