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Change your cruising game with the ultimate Autopilot system

What is the rudimentary device necessary to cruise through the deep blue sea which can take you on for a ride whilst facing any obstacles? If you’d answered Generators or inverters? Not bad, but that’s not the right answer. Let me give you a hint, don’t you think you want to enjoy a nice dolphin show along with your friends and family when you are in the middle of the sea?


You don’t want to be in the wheelhouse steering the boat while the rest of your crew enjoys the wonders of Mother Nature, so having an Evolution Autopilot to take charge of the boat in your absence, especially when you don’t want to miss out on things!

How handy are autopilots – ?


Why having an Evolution Autopilot is helpful even for a sailor whose getting started with learning how to sail? It is not only beginner-friendly, but it is also helpful in every way even to a pro-sailor, all you need to do is set the GPS destination course of your cruise, you can sit back and relax for the rest of your voyage when Autopilot will take you to the destination safely; still not convinced about the importance of having an Evolution Autopilot installed in your boat? Then you must read further to know more fascinating uses of it.

Reasons why you need an autopilot?


 Evolution Autopilot devices are inevitably required for any boat which helps you reduce work load in steering your boat towards the set destination. They take you through the set course by minimizing fuel usage and taking the best possible route in the shortest time possible.


It saves you energy, time, and you can take a nap for a while and not be worried about steering your ship incessantly without taking a break. Bonus — Evolution Autopilot doesn’t get sore hands as humans do.

How do autopilots operate?


The functionality of an autopilot is fascinating. Especially, the recent upgrades have made it more reliable and accurate. The operation is quite simple, once you press AUTO in your wheelhouse, and then the Evolution Autopilot will take care of the course from there. It detects any off-course drift deviation, auto sea-state, and auto adjusts to correct it. It is highly efficient in saving steering time.


An Evolution Autopilot basically comprises three major components. A Central processing unit (CPU), a drive unit, and a EV1 compass. The CPU is the actual brain of the autopilot which guides the helm to steer in the supposed direction, whereas the function of a drive unit is to apply pressure to the rudder of your boat and the heading sensor (EV1 – Compass) guides the right direction. In all the Evolution autopilot devices, you can get more resources like rudder reference, gyro rates, and pitch movements steer to wind and hold track.

How to choose the right autopilot for your boat?


Choosing the right autopilot for your boat is necessary, at the same time autopilot choices may vary depending upon the Above-deck or Below-deck pilot, it depends on the size of your sailboats, or powerboats. Choosing the drive unit for your boat is another challenge, we have Hydraulic drive, rotary drive, and a mechanical (Linear) drive unit.


You can either get the whole Autopilot package (if you own a common vessel) or you must go with buying an assembled custom package based on your boat requirements ie length gross tonnage, mono or Cat. Since an Evolution Autopilot is like an extra hand to you, keep in mind to choose the Evolution Autopilot which can function well under adverse sea and wind conditions.

Points to remember-:


Although an autopilot option is extremely helpful in many situations, you must still keep a eye out for other boats so to avoid a collision, it is also possible that it might not function properly during downwind and large overtaking sea waves occasionally. So depending on autopilot solely is insane, you must be able to steer your way through any really adverse conditions.


Enjoy your cruise but don’t forget to keep an eye on your autopilot as it’s a tool to reduce the stress of long term helming, but if it deviates from the set course due to interference or it stops working and Any adverse conditions always call for the best human sailor over an autopilot device.

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