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What are the Different types of Night Vision Camera’s used on Boats

What’s The Difference between Thermal Imaging and Night Vision? Let’s start with a little background. Our eyes see reflected light. Daylight cameras, night vision devices, and the human eye all work on the same basic principle: visible light energy hits something and bounces off it, a detector then receives it […]

Why choose Raymarine over the Others

Why Choose Raymarine Accessories Over Others? Raymarine products in Phuket are not an uncommon sight. However, how do you know why are they better than others? Raymarine provides various accessories like Navionics maps, autopilot equipment, transducers, etc. Many new technologies like Flir cameras have been introduced by them in the […]

Do’s and Dont’s of Setting Up a High-Speed Network Cable

Click here Do’s and Do not’s of Setting Up a High-Speed Network Cable High-network speeds are the requirement of this age and time. High-speed networks make the completion of tasks happen extremely quick. However, there are various things one has to think of before finally setting up a high-speed or […]

Raymarine Network description video

https://octopusasia.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Raymarine-Networking-Raymarine-Gear.mp4 This Video shows you how to setup a Raymarine STNG network with all the do’s and dont’s explained , also it covers the High speed network as well,  note that the nigh speed network is the same as a normal either-net network and the same network switchs can be […]