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Information about Lithium Phosphate batteries

Hybrid Inverter and Generator

When it comes to inverter vs generator or even the new Hybrid combined systems for marine/off-grid usage and now the possibility also of having both being a inverter system running most items then a generator Auto-starts to bring the generator online for even higher loads and to recharge the battery when needed ( this also […]

Its Time for Lithium (LiFePo4)

Time for Lithium? Lead-acid batteries are so 20th century; lithium’s ARE the future. Making the switch is not that costly now as cost by usable output is now less than a good Lead acid Deep cycle battery , and there are major benefits. There’s been a lot of talk about lithium batteries in the past […]

Battery Monitor and SOC (State of Charge)

This Video  Explains in detail how State of charge is calculated in a Victron BMV or smartshunt and or a Multiplus or Quattro Inverter charger, The Video will show you how to setup the Battery Monitor to suit your batteries condition and type of battery.  Note – this link (to the right) will take you […]

How to Size My Inverter to my Batteries

What size of inverter do I need and how many Batteries to suit or vice versa What size of Inverter do I need + What  size Battery do I need An inverter needs to supply two needs – Peak or surge power, and the typical or usual power. Surge is the maximum power that the […]

What are the Benefits of Using a Lithium Phosphate Battery (LiFeP04)?

If you are looking for batteries that will last you a long time and serve various other purposes, you should choose batteries made of lithium phosphates (LiFeP04). They are not only known for being long lasting and able to provide high output power. If you are confused about choosing the best battery for yourself, do […]

Benefits of Using Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Than Lead-acid Batteries

Battery Voltage Chart Terms  LA=: Lead Acid Battery     LI or LiFePo4 =: Lithium Phosphate Batteries BMS=: Battery Management System   Benefits of Using Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) Batteries Than Lead-Acid – AGM -Gell-Flooded Batteries If you are tired of using LA batteries that do not last you long, use a lithium LiFePo4  battery. A […]

Things to Consider before Installing Off-grid or On-grid Solar System

People have slowly but surely started making use of renewable energy sources like solar panels. Solar panels are used to convert the energy radiated from sunlight to usable electricity through AC connected Grid Tie Inverters or DC connected MPPT Regulators (MPPT is short for Multi power point tracking). A solar regulator or Grid Tie are […]

Lithium Batteries (different types available)


We Now mainly use the Lithium Phosphate Battery (LiFePo4) as these are very stable and do not easily catch fire.  Its also recommended that you always fit a BMS  Battery Management system to these batteries Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) — LFP In 1996, the University of Texas (and other contributors) discovered phosphate as cathode material for […]

Battery SOC to Voltage Chart

The SOC -Voltage chart give’s you a indicative state of charge based on the Battery Voltage when the battery has been at rest for 30 Min,  this means no charging or loads in the past 30 Min. These should be compared to your SOC battery monitor and the Battery monitor should read a similar figure, […]

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