Benefits of Using Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Than Lead-acid Batteries

Benefits of Using Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Than Lead-acid Batteries

Terms  LA= Lead Acid Battery     LI= Lithium Phosphate Batteries


Benefits of Using Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Than Lead-acid Batteries


If you are tired of using LA batteries that do not last you long, use a lithium battery. A lithium iron phosphate battery has many benefits in different areas. Compared to other batteries, it is now about the same cost as LA as well . So the batteries are well-priced because of the benefits they provide.  Mentioned below are some benefits of using lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries.




The lifespan of lithium batteries is extremely long. They can give more than 5000 cycles at the depth of 80% of the discharge. It can live up to this long period without a decrease in its performance. This lifespan is much much  longer than other batteries like lead-acid batteries. That  only last for two years or so . So, lithium batteries are extremely beneficial if you want a battery to last you long.  Also at the end of there cycle like say 500 cycles then most still have 80% of there original capacity left, where a LA battery is scrap material only.




A lithium iron phosphate battery, while working, can use 100% of its capacity. They are considered to be a great fit for all kinds of applications as they have a fast charge and high discharge rates. This increases efficiency. Because of this, high burst of powers can be shot in a short amount of time. This is unlike the lead-acid batteries, which are not so efficient as they do not have a high discharge/charge rate.  of note is if you take 100 amp hours out of a LA battery then you have to add back at least 125 A/Hs,  HOWEVER with a LI  you only have to add back 105 A/Hs  at least a 20% saving on a round trip




These batteries also do not have a regular maintenance schedule. You can rest for long periods of time without damage. The batteries also do not show any memory effects or a slow discharge. The lead-acid batteries are in constant need of maintenance. Otherwise, their lifespan decreases even more. So, lithium phosphate batteries are far more beneficial.




Lithium phosphate batteries are much safer than lead-acid batteries. This is because it not only involves the latest technologies but also includes many safety measures that avoid risks like overcharging and leakage and they operate safely at higher temperatures without degradation . However, lead-acid batteries, if not specially maintained, can cause safety risks like leakage and explosion. Thus, lithium-ion batteries are a much safer option.


Discharge Rates


A lifepo4 battery are made specially to handle high discharge rates. This ensures that heavy power usage items like Air conditioners and other high power items can be now used  and several electronic devices can be used at the same time without worrying about cycling the batteries. It is a far better option than lead-acid batteries as they cannot handle high discharge rates  and are very limited  in cycle life and need constant maintenance. This is why using LA batteries is so beneficial.


 These were just some of the benefits of using lithium batteries. One can easily find these at our online shop   a lifepo4 battery in Phuket Thailand. They make the usage of All high power  devices easy. They also provide other benefits like lighter weights and smaller sizes. Using them is a much better option than lead-acid batteries.


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